Travel through time to stop a robber in this adventure platformer game. Collect coins and cash that the time thief has left behind to follow him through the ages. Press the button to play!

Picture of Crime Time Player


Crime Time was created in 2016 for a Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competition in the category of computer game design and programming. My team and I competed in districts and achieved first place. We then got second place at the state conference, and competed in nationals.

My roles in the development of the game was not only to be the lead designer and artist, but also the main programmer on this project.


Crime Time was made with Construct 2 by Scirra. Construct 2 is a HTML5 2D Game creator great for beginners, perfect for my first real game.

To easily collaborate with my teammates we used GitHub. You can view the code and the Construct 2 project here in this Git repository.

Crime Time Knight
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This project contains all original art! Created by myself, Jan Fic. To view the Crime Time Art Collection view my portfolio or click here to go directly to the collection:

Crime Time Player Crime Time Knight Crime Time Robot